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    I've actually used this system for a set of 380 dies in a pinch. Not a flop, just not terrifically popular.

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    i'll trade some extra dies for a 300 savage or 30-06 dies if anyone is interested. I also have a lot of 7mm bullets and .224 bullets will trade for .308

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    anyone have any black powder ball mold's looking for .451

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    Looking for a 38 special conversion kit for an XL650 in the Elkhart/South Bend area. My brother is visiting from Evansville and we are wanting to put together some 38 special rounds. I thought I had purchased a the conversion kit but I only have the dies.
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    I've got one I don't use. in Greenwood though.
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    I know many don't take advantage of it but I think it is a good idea.
    I have rcbs 32-20 dies, lee 44-40 dies I live near Shelbyville.
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    I have RCBS 44mag die set. Light used. Only load about 500 round with it before deciding 44mag was too much handgun for me.

    Also looking to trade some Rem 7.5 primers for either CCI 500 primers or WLP primer.

    Thank you!


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    Newbie here but I'm all in once I hit the 100 post mark....

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    I'd rather not deal with shipping things. But if you are withing driving distance of South Bend, I have dies for:

    Lee 45acp

    Hornady 45-70 (will reload FTX Leverevolution)

    Hornady 44mag/sp (will reload FTX Leverevolution)

    Lee 44mag/sp (I have 2 sets)

    Lee 762x54r Ultimate 4 die set (includes neck size only dies)

    Lee 300 Win Mag Ultimate 4 die set (includes neck size only dies)

    Lee 30-06 Ultimate 4 die set (includes neck size only dies)

    Lee 308 Ultimate 4 die set (includes neck size only dies)

    Lee .223 Ultimate 4 die set (includes neck size only dies) (I have 2 sets)

    RCBS .223

    Lee 38sp/357 mag (2 sets)

    Lee 9mm

    I have the Lee Quick Trim setup with the dies for 44mag, 300wm, 300 wb, 30-06, 308, .223

    Just return as soon as you can (a week max). I reload frequently. I use all these dies very frequently. None are for sell.

    You can load some rounds here if you like. I just need a heads up on the time frame.

    If you are new to reloading I would be happy to work with you on learning how to safely reload.

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