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    Reloading Die Exchange Program

    Hear me out:

    I have dies for about 25 calibers in my reloading room - they're the dies I use the most. But once in a while, I have brass that I pick up that I'd like to reload, and certainly don't want to spend the $40-$50 to buy the die set, as I'll probably never use it again. But it's brass - and I'd like to make it ammo. And I'm sure I'm not the only person out there that's thinking this.

    So - what if we had a 'die exchange program' for a set period of time, say, 7 days. Experienced reloaders that could use each others dies to make a few rounds of ammo and try it out.

    Swap dies, use said dies... and return the dies in the original, borrowed, respected, thankful condition. If there's a mailing cost involved, requester should pay it. $5 each way is cheaper than buying a new set of dies. And if you borrow someone's dies, drop a $5 bill in with the return package. Its the right thing to do. I'm willing to try this out, if other people are too.

    I think PM's sent should include your name and phone number at least - and if someone breaks the courtesy code - its MANDATORY that you report it under this thread. If someone messed up a set of my dies, I want you to know before you lend them yours.

    Realistically, dies are steel - so the chance of permanent damage is minimal. But this would be a trust based, 'loaner having the final say' type of deal.

    MUST be an INGO site supporter
    MUST have 100+ posts to borrow dies
    Make your original post with your die sets, then edit it, rather than a new post when you buy a new set.

    The questions:
    Why would I want to reload odd brass? For experience.
    Why would you want to reload 5 rounds of something? For experience.
    Why would you load calibers you don't even have guns for? For experience.

    I'd be happy to post my die sets for use if other members of INGO are keen on this idea. Post here if you are. Maybe this will become a good, helpful reloader-based sticky.
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    Available dies:

    Lee 22-250 Rem - 3-Die Set
    Lee 223 Remington - Deluxe 3 Die Set
    Lee 223 Remington - Standard 2 Die Set
    Lee 243 Win - 3 Die Set
    Lee 308 Win - 3 Die Set
    Lee 357 Sig - 3 Die Set
    Lee 38 Special / 357 - 4 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 38-40 WCF - 3 Die Set
    Lee 40 S&W / 10mm Auto - 4 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 41 Rem Mag - 3 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 44 Mag / 44 Spec - 4 Die Carbide Set
    Lee 45 ACP / 45 Auto Rim - 4 die Carbide set
    Lee 45 Colt - 4 Die Carbide set
    Lee 500 S&W - 3 Die Set
    Lee 9mm - 4 Die Carbide Set

    Redding 7.5mm x 55 Swiss Series C Set

    Hornady 6.8 SPC Dimension 2-Die Set

    RCBS FL .270 Win Set
    RCBS 300 Win Mag Set
    RCBS 300 WBY Mag Set
    RCBS 30-06 Springfield Set
    RCBS 30-30 WCF Set
    RCBS 454 Casull Set

    Lyman 220 Swift - 2 Die Set
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    LF: 35 Rem Dies
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    Good idea.... I have several differant "odd" (to my gun collection) batches of brass, I will never have enough to sell, and if some one needs they can try them out.

    I will put together a list of what is out there and post up later.

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    Great idea! Tag for a spot to update with the dies I have available.

    Off hand I know I have at least one not already mentioned;

    Redding .303 British
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    Lee .243 FL, Seating, neck
    RCBS .308 FL, Seating, Neck
    RCBS 44mag
    RCBS 38 sp

    357 mag RCBS 3 die set
    30-30 Lyman A-A 2 die set
    38sp RCBS 3 die set

    Redding 3 die set
    Bonanza I.H.M.S.A. 3 dies set
    Niel Jones Custom 2 die set
    Bair Cub 2 die set

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    I will jump in. I usually reload in large lots, so unless I'm in the middle of the run these are available. Probably 1/3 I no longer even have rifles for. In keeping with the OP I'm only loaning dies, if there is a set I want I'll pony up for a supporter membership (or probably get one regardless).

    Unless otherwise noted these are all Redding Type S or Comp mic dies and sizers are neck. I'll include whatever bushing you want, or recommend one based on your brass.

    17 Rem
    22 Hornet (RCBS Comp)
    22 KHornet
    222 Rem
    223 Rem (+ FL)
    223 AI
    22-250 Rem
    22-250 AI
    220 Swift (RCBS comp)
    243 Win (+ FL)
    243 AI
    25-06 Rem (+ FL)
    25-06 AI
    257 Weatherby
    257 Roberts (Wilson)
    260 Rem
    6.5-284 (RCBS Comp)
    284 Win (Wilson)
    7mm WSM
    7-08 Rem (+ FL)
    7 Rem Mag
    30-06 AI
    30-06 (FL sizer)
    30-8mm Rem Mag (Dillon)
    30-378 Weatherby (RCBS Comp)
    300 Weatherby (non-mic, non-bushing)
    300 WSM
    300 Savage
    308 Win (+ FL sizer)
    338 Lapua
    338 Edge
    375 H&H (Wilson)
    376 Steyr (Dillon I think)
    404 Jeffery (RCBS)
    416 Rem Mag (RCBS)
    416 Rigby (RCBS)
    458 Lott (non mic, non bushing)

    I might have missed that some of these aren't Redding dies, I haven't always kept the best inventory. There are also a handful of fairly obscure dies that I've stored off somewhere and can't exactly find. Will update if I do.
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    These are all for Lee dies:

    .38 Special


    I will get a much better inventory tomorrow. I'm using the 9mm for the next several weeks.

    Also have several small batches of brass I'd trade for. Will post on classifieds later.
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    I think this is a great idea. I purchased a new Dillon 550 from Brian Enos a year ago. i inured some discs in my neck and haven't put things together yet. I have purchased dies for my every day plinking guns. It would be nice to barrow dies for that occasional odd-ball. Now i have a reason to pick up throws $10.00 flea market sets knowing someone might want to borrow them. As soon as i un-pack everything and take a new inventory i will post what i have. Great thread Aszerigan, rep your way.

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    Thanks, just updated my stack too.

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