Poll: Which small pistol primer would you buy?

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    I have used both CCI and Winchester over the years. Both run fine in my Dillon 550. I would go with what would save a few bucks.

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    The Winchesters are the only small pistol primers I've used, and I've used them for the same calibers you're reloading for. Never had an issue with them. I'd say go ahead and save the few bucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Midnight View Post
    Since I started reloading, I have used CCI primers. Because of the recent price increase and availability issues in my area, I've been forced to buy a few thousand Winchester Small Pistol Primers. I'm almost out of my CCI inventory, so in a week or so, I'll see how well the Winchesters work for me.

    I hate that I have to switch though. In the thousands of rounds I have loaded using CCI Primers, I've not had one primer issue. It's the old "if it ain't broke don't fix it" thing.
    You won't have any problem with the Winchester primers, but I know where you are coming from.

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    I like CCI but can't find them in the shops here - Winchester is available - not much fun not having a choice - when they were in stock they were the same price but that was about 4 months ago.

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    I use CCI in my small pistol reloads. I got them at the 1500 for $28/1000 out the door. I've only used Winchester primers in my .308 so I can't really comment on their pistol primers, but I've never had a problem with their large rifle primers.

    If Winchesters pistol primers are as good as their rifle primers (which I'm sure they are) I'd go with the savings and buy the Winchester. Not sure why the price on the CCI primers went up but I'm sure it will hurt their business when people don't buy them and drive the price back down.

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    I LOVE CCI, but on a BUDGET, cheap, is GOOD !!!!!
    I shoot slow, and hit every time!!!!!

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    @ CK -- I think you'll find the CCI primers went up because loaded ammunition is FLYING off the shelves and most of it uses a CCI primer. IMHO, the CCI primers are a little better (consistent) than the Winchester and I remember a time when CCI was consistently the lowest-priced American-made primer on the market. It is/was a "gold standard", to most reloaders. I seriously doubt they're worried about losing market share, when they're doing everything they possibly can to meet the current demand. The price is higher, now, because a lot of folks prefer them and they're in short supply...the laws of economics at work?

    It's not their fault people are panicking and buying ammo/components at historically high rates.

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    Price being equal, I would go with the CCI, its what I started reloading with. For most of my "goes bang and hits the target" ammo, I am not too finicky about primers. I have even used Remington 6 1/2s in my 9mm handloads before, only because I got a screaming deal on them. Winchester has been just as good in all of the handgun loads I have used them in, though the only experience I have has been with their pistol primers.
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    I get my CCI primers for $33 per 1K loacally. They are the only primers I have used. Out of roughly 3K rounds, I had two that did not fire on the first strike. Other than that, I have had 0 issues.

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    a primer is a primer. its a preferance thing, i think the cci seat a little easier in my lee

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