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    Quote Originally Posted by redneckmedic View Post
    .243win International Arms Mauser Bolt Wood Bishop Stock

    45gr H4350
    55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip
    Remington Virgin Brass
    CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers
    OAL of 2.64
    Velocity Avg 3301
    Standard Deviation 9.07
    This was a great group for a crappy rifle/optic set up

    *This is the best group I've ever shot with this gun

    45 grains of H4350 sounds safe...But your photo says 45gr H110, i'm pretty sure your photo is wrong.

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    Colt Commander 1991 Series 80

    Darda's 230 grain lead RNBB
    5.3 grains of Win231
    Winchester LPP
    Mixed Brass
    OAL - 1.200"

    I have used this recipe with very good results so far. Very accurate load, however the win231 makes for a dirty pistol after about 200 rounds or so. Around 700 down range using the above recipe.

    Steve and I are going to work up a new load using TiteGroup this weekend. I will let you all know how that goes...
    Officer J. Huffman - Jonesboro PD

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    A few of our common pet loads....

    .45 ACP

    200gr Dardas LSWC
    5.8gr Unique
    mixed brass
    OAL 1.25
    Winchester LPP
    ATI, Kimber, Springfield loaded

    .45 ACP ( wifes load)

    230gr Rainier or Berry's plated RN
    4.0gr Clays
    mixed brass
    OAL 1.260
    Winchester LPP
    ATI, Kimber

    .357 mag

    158gr Dardas LSWC
    5.7gr Unique
    Starline brass
    OAL 1.58
    Winchester SPP ( standard)
    Blackhawk, GP100, Security Six, SP101

    .357 sig

    124gr Hornady FMJ-FP
    10.4gr Blue Dot
    Starline brass
    OAL 1.140
    Winchester SPP ( standard)
    Glock G32


    122gr Dardas LFP
    4.5gr Unique
    mixed brass
    OAL 1.050
    Winchester SPP ( standard)
    Glock G19 ( Lone Wolf bbl), Kahr CW9, XD-9

    .44 mag

    240gr Dardas LSWC
    8.4 gr Unique
    Starline brass
    OAL 1.59
    Winchester LPP ( standard)
    Super Blackhawk, Redhawk
    Semper Fi USMC 1983-87

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    One of my favorite .308 loads is a M318 LR duplicate.
    1) Lake City 93 Match Brass
    2) Sierra Match King 175 Gr.
    3) 43.5 grains of RE-15
    4) Winchester LR primers
    5) OAL 2.855

    No special brass preparation. I do not ream flash holes or anything. I just re size them, trim them to 2.005 on my Giraud trimmer, throw the charges with a Hornady powder drop and weigh each one. This load is boringly accurate from my custom 18"Pac-Nor SS 1/10 barreled 700 as well as a mostly bone stock PSS 700 with a 22" barrel. This has always been a consistent 1/2 moa load. It shoots much better than true M318LR and a tad better than FGMM 175. Oh and it is much cheaper than either. Try it I think you will like it.

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    My favorite 45 ACP load

    4.2gr Bullseye
    200gr MO Bullet Co. LRNFP
    WLP Primer
    OAL - 1.210
    Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to harm to me and mine. Let not my last thought be “If only I had my gun”; and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of brass.

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    Ok this is a good load for handguns with a stiff recoil spring

    40. S&W, has been ran through my Jericho 941, and my first gen walther P99

    Montana gold 180gr FMJ
    Once fired mixed brass
    5.0 grains of bullseye MUST BE EXACT not even 1/10th over or under
    1.130 OAL - please stay within +/- 0.002
    Crimp (measure as close to the mouth of the case as possible) 0.419-0.421
    I know crimp is not always nessecary but it helps.

    Keep in mind the 40. S&W is a high pressure round and can be picky so setting the bullet to deep can cause a great increase in pressure.

    Also I have entire spreadsheets of data for my loads with more detailed info if needed

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    Has eneyone bought equipmet from F&S Reloading ?
    their a full stocking Lee dealer with rock bottom prices. Just wondering about service.
    Thanx in advance!

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    7.2gr Unique
    125gr HP Precision Delta
    OAL 1.135
    Starline brass
    sm primer (use many brands)
    Mild recoil compared to loads with Longshot or Accurate No.7 or No.9

    If using Unique work up load, my load is almost max. by Lymans manual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGRChaplain View Post
    Has eneyone bought equipmet from F&S Reloading ?
    their a full stocking Lee dealer with rock bottom prices. Just wondering about service.
    Thanx in advance!

    I buy all of my Lee equipment from them, great prices and customer service. A couple years back when equipment was hard to get, they would ship parts of my order as they got it in stock with out charging me for the extra shipping costs.

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    Looking for FN57 data

    I am looking for data on reloading the 5.7x28 round that would work well in an FN 5-7 or PS90. As any of you here that may shoot this caliber know, this ammo is almost non existent. Everyone is showing it on backorder.

    I have also loaded some special suppressor .45 acp rpounds that are working extremely well in an Suppressed HK and have held accuracy. Our favorite is down to 610FPS. I will post the spec when I get a little more time.


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