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    I need all the advice I can get on 22 hornet. I have lil gun powder, haven't dived in yet. Did get a Foerster coax press. It's a dandy. Best primer seater I've ever used.

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    Xtreme 147 gr HPCB RN
    3.8 gr WSF
    Federal GMM primers
    Mixed Brass
    OAL: 1.14
    Slight Taper crimp
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    Question seating depth for 147 gr. JHP bullets

    I am handloading 147 gr. 9mm JHPs including Hornady XTPs and Speer Gold Dots.

    Given the tight chamber of my CZ, my max COAL is 1.076, which is shorter than the recipe, which calls for 1.14 inches.

    This in turn necessitates a reduced load (I have reduced it 10%, and then 10% of that) and then work back up from that.

    My question is the seating depth is about .340 inches. I have seen elsewhere that a maximum recommended depth is about .300 inches, lest you get into the reinforced section of the casing.

    Does anyone else load that deep, and have you seen any bad consequences as a result?

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    Wolf Gold primed case (bought new)

    73gr ELD-M

    2.255"-2.6" OAL

    22.1gr 8208 XBR

    This is a no joke half-MOA load in my 18" heavy barrel AR. Very mild though, NOT a high velocity load ~ 2520fps

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