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    Cogito, ergo porto.
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    INGO Interactive Reloading Manual

    I had a thought that with so many of us out here, many have loads worked up in multiple calibers, and while adjusting this or tweaking that is part of the fun, we have some folks who don't really know where to start and are a little intimidated by the whole process and could use some guidelines that have the opportunity for feedback instead of the books that offer only what's written. We've all seen the advice to buy at least two reloading manuals, to have components be the last thing you buy, etc., but those manuals don't always answer noob questions.

    So.... In that spirit, those of you who have really good, reliable loads and are willing to share, post 'em up! Please include all relevant information:
    OAL, seating depth, powder type and quantity, case headstamps (if they matter) primer manufacturer and size, bullet manufacturer and weight, finished cartridge weight, what kind of press you're using, and for which firearm(s) you're loading (and other info you might think relevant as well.)

    Also, you might include how you came upon this "recipe"; did you start low and work your way up to this, just hit on it just right, etc.

    For those who are using the information, if you have a question about a load, post it up for those too shy to do so, but drop the member a PM also, so they don't miss your question. (Remember: There is only one "dumb question: "Is it loaded?" which is dumb only because Rule #1 tells us that they're all loaded!)

    Finally, if you find a particular load to be to your liking, make sure to thank the person who posted it. Rep is usually appreciated, as is a short PM.


    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
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    I am very fond of the following 9mm recipe, iv fired off over 2,000 of these with NO problems.

    4.2gr Unique powder

    124gr FMJ Round nose

    Mixed headstamps

    CCI Small pistol primers

    OAL of 1.15

    I shoot these out of my Gen 2 Glock 19


    These are my first test rounds with this recipe and it has been consistent.. This group was shot from 40ft.
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    .243win International Arms Mauser Bolt Wood Bishop Stock

    45gr H4350
    55gr Nosler Ballistic Tip
    Remington Virgin Brass
    CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers
    OAL of 2.64
    Velocity Avg 3301
    Standard Deviation 9.07
    This was a great group for a crappy rifle/optic set up

    *This is the best group I've ever shot with this gun

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    Tried to rep you bill but gotta spread it around great idea.(damn socialist forum rules)
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    Ive used this load in 1500 rounds and not had a single issue and accuracy is awesome! Its a mild round

    Gen3 Glock 19

    4.5g of Win231
    115g Berrys Plated Bullets
    Mixed Headstamp Brass
    CCI Small Pistol Primers
    OAL - 1.145

    Lee Single Stage
    Lee 4 Set of Deluxe Dies

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    9mm that works well in all of my pistols. Beretta 92FS, FNP-9, and Kahr PM9.

    4.2 grains Hodgdon TiteGroup
    115 grain Winchester FMJ
    Mixed brass
    CCI small pistol primers
    OAL 1.130"

    .223 out of my Bushmaster XM15e2s M4 1/9 twist

    24.8 grains Hodgdon Varget
    55 grain Hornady FMJBT
    Mixed brass
    CCI mil spec primers
    OAL 2.225"

    .308 out of my Mossberg 100ATR

    45.5 grains Hodgdon Varget
    150 grain Hornady FMJBT
    Fire formed Federal Premium brass
    CCI large rifle primers
    OAL chamber spacific
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    Recipe for a Sig SP2022 in 9mm

    4.4gn Hodgdon HP38
    115gn X-treme plated bullets
    Mixed brass
    CCI Small Pistol Primers
    OAL 1.135"

    That's my money saver plinking round.
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    Cogito, ergo porto.
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    Thanks to all who've posted so far!

    I got a note from a member who suggested I add a disclaimer to please verify that any posted load is safe. I think this is a good idea as well and should have said it initially. If you are a new reloader and use someone else's 'recipe', I suggest you make up only a few rounds and test it for safety.

    For example, and I'm going to "pick on" US Patriot for just a moment here, I used an almost identical recipe for one of my setups. I was using 4.3grains of TG powder and I recently posted how I did up about 400rds of malfunction-testers... They would fire OK, but didn't have enough oomph to cycle my pistol, so I got good at tap-rack-bang drills. I'd be suspicious of something that used any less powder and worry about squibs. It worked for him, I'm sure, but please, do test your loads and check them BEFORE you load them with a verifiable source... In the end, as valuable as a tool as it can be, this is still just a bunch of guys on the Internet talking... Including me.

    BTW, I recently upped my recipe to 4.8grains and will be fire-testing it ASAP.


    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
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    livin' in the sticks ghitch75's Avatar

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    45 ACP for 1911's

    5.3gr Unique
    230gr RNL
    OAL 1.25

    45 Colt "RUGER ONLY"
    24gr 296
    270gr Penn Thunder Head
    OAL 1.576
    1475fps from 7 1/2" barrel

    45 Colt Cowboy
    7.0gr Red Dot
    200gr SWC
    OAL 1.69
    825fps 5 1/2" barrel

    357 Mag
    19.5gr 296
    125gr JHP
    OAL 1.545
    1750fps 6" barrel

    Super 38
    13.8gr CL Lil-Gun
    125gr JHP
    OAL 1.168
    1375fps 5" barrel

    22 Hornet
    11gr 296
    40gr V-MAX
    OAL 1.808
    2650 fps 24" barrel

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    For .44Magnum (used for deer hunting)
    23.5gr of H110
    CCI #350 Large Pistol Magnum Primer
    240gr Hornday XTP
    1.6" OAL
    Medium crimp

    For .45ACP
    5.3gr Win238
    CCI #300 Large Pistol Primer
    230gr Rainier plated HP
    1.25" OAL

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