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    Reloading labels

    I ran across these FREE reloading label templates and thought some might find them useful:

    What ammo is this?? Reloading Labels! | Firespeed Tactical
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    I just use mailing labels, I could run them through my printer, but I'm too lazy, I just hand write and stick. I also use them for DOPE and on my power drop when I load, leave, and come back to let me know where I'm at and what I'm doing.

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    Same here, I just use Avery mailing labels. Put the info I need on them then print them out... You can fit a lot of different info on a plain label, no need for a template the restricts you to specific data fields. With a blank template I can add anything I would want on it..

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    Those look nice. I will print a few off. I may give some boxes of reloads to a few friends for x-mas. Would dress it up a bit. Thanks

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    Thanks for the link.

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    These are a little more official than the "Hello, my name is..." nametags I'm currently using.

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    Very nice. I'm even cheaper/lazier than the others. I just use some blue painters tape on my ammo boxes and sometimes for test loads, just put it right on a magazine!
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    look pretty useful, this is a link to some I found, larger label which means more expensive.

    Print your own ammo box labels (PDFs included!) Ultimate Reloader
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    I use a permanent Sharpie on the plastic boxes or Zip Lock baggie. Baggiesget thrown away and a little brake cleaner on a rag and they wipe right off ofthe boxes. Labels would leave stuff behind that I wouldn’t want. Just methough.
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    I use a Brother P-Touch label maker. Use it to label pretty much everything, ammo boxes, 50cal cans, powder measures, toolheads, you get the picture. They can usually be found dirt cheap during this time of the year, I think mine was free after a rebate.

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