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Poll: Best overall .223/5.56 bulk ammo

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    I've gone through 500 rnds of PMC .223 Bronze & 250 rnds of PMC X-TAC 5.56. None were duds and all the ejected cases look fine for reloading so far, though most have slight dimples on the sides from hitting the deflector.

    I just received 1K of PMC 5.56 NATO green tip 69gr. We'll see how those do in a few weeks.

    My Colt LE6920 (5.56 chamber) definitely shoots tighter groups with the 5.56 vs .223. At least at 100yds I'm getting 1.5MOA and I'm a very novice shooter (only shot a rifle 6 times so far).

    If prices were a little better (or I could find a good supply), I'd opt for the American Eagle (Federal??) 5.56. My Browning loves the Eagle 9mm and is very consistent.

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    What are people's thoughts and experiences with Tula .223 as a way to quickly build a stockpile in today's market??

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    Tula .223 is a great for building a stockpile. If your firearm likes it, great! However, if your firearm will not cycle it, all you will have is a stockpile.

    One of my buddy's ARs hates steel ammo. It doesn't matter what brand. My 556 and a different buddy's will eat it all day long. My AR 10 hates steel.

    Moral of the story, test it out before you stockpile it.
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    Thank you

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    Of the choices listed, as long as it is actually M193-spec, I'd go with the PMC X-TAC 5.56 55 GR.

    ​rhino out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott26 View Post
    What are people's thoughts and experiences with Tula .223 as a way to quickly build a stockpile in today's market??
    Prices aren't going to get any lower so if you just want to have it because it goes boom and for SHTF purposes, go for it.

    But as others have said, make sure it will actually function in your rifle before you stock up.

    One thing worth mentioning is this though

    Also, some companies' warranties are void if you use steel through it. If SHTF then warranty kind of goes out the window but if you use it for heavy plinking purposes... Then some companies like POF encourage the use of steel in their rifles. A lot of is has to do with the barrel treatment.

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    I have always liked Fiocchi. Clean and excellent quality.
    It was too expensive at the time so I bought 1000 rounds of M193 made by IMI. IMI production is always QC'd. This stuff is incredibly clean. It shoots consistantly too.

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    I usually buy what's on sale, but that's usually the pmc 223 or federal. I will echo that the federal has had more issues for me than the others, not enough for me to not buy it but. I would try some of each then buy the cheapest you can that works. 55 grain works great, m855 is superb for certain things but doesn't fragment like 55 grain does. IMO
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    I recently bought some of everything I could find in Cabela's, which included most of these, then tried them all back-to-back at the range. Same day, same rifle etc.

    The best that I tried was definitely Hornady Steel Match 55gr. From my tests, I think I can see 3 levels of accuracy with the brands I tried, although sometimes the differences are small and I'm not a very experienced rifle shooter. But I would break them down like this:

    #1 Hornady Steel Match
    #2 Remington, Norma Tac
    #3 PMC Bronze, PMC X-Tac, Tula, IMI (I didn't see much difference between any of these 4).

    I'm very confident about the differences between #1 and everything else. I've switched back and forth a lot and my groups are always noticeably better with this. I'm less certain of the differences between #2 and #3 but that's how it seemed to me.

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