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    This should be a sticky. Great write up.

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    Dillon does it for you for like $75
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    Quote Originally Posted by blkrifle View Post
    Dillon does it for you for like $75
    Quote Originally Posted by Bosshoss View Post

    You can send the press back to Dillon and they will rebuild it for like $75 plus shipping to them. Probably around $100 total.
    I would rather have 3500 primers and do it myself.

    I'm with Bosshoss on this one. Great writeup!
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    thanks Paul, looks like my 550 is going to get done.

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    Very interesting and informative post. Thanks for sharing. One of these days I might break down a buy a Dillon. My RCBS keeps on running.
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    As the pins are pretty well pressed in place, if you choose to you can break it down to the frame minus the ram and soak in a HOT water bath heavily saturated in dawn or any other degreasing soap. i did this to a 20 year old press that was neglected and almost locked up from the hardened grease used. Hose it down with gun scrubber and lube. You'd never know it was that old!
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    Very good work, thanks for the effort!!

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    Newer Presses - Stepped lower bearing

    A big "thank you" to BossHoss for this very helpful thread.

    I decided to tear down and clean my Dillon 550b press. Using this thread as a picture guide was quite helpful and reduced the angst I felt tearing into it.

    I did find one change with newer presses that I want to highlight.

    The bearing at the lower link arms that has the nuts rather than the C-clips has a stepped bearing. This means that the bearing can't be driven out like the instructions above direct you to do. Rather, I suggest this modification:

    While everything is still together, remove either the left or right nut on the lower link arms. Then turn your attention to the upper link arm bearings.

    Remove the upper link arm bearings (right and left).

    Now, you can slide off one of the link arms and then the other one that is still attached to the stepped bearing.

    Continue cleaning and removing the remaining ram lower bearing.

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