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    I've seen the body armor videos, but I'm still skeptical it will perform in the human body.

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    In regards to innovative ammo design, Lehigh Defense bullets have my attention based on MAC's videos of ballistic gel tests.
    There is no U in Mossberg.

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    I have some in 40 S&W it shoots great and seems to be very accurate ammo. What I was able to find online was it was good ammo. It cost about the same as the other personal defense rounds out there the big advantage is it does weight a lot less than standard ammo. I carry it in my spare mag just for the weight savings. Take this for what it's worth just an opinion but seem to be reliable and accurate.

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    I've fired some of the 357 magnum and 9mm stuff and it has run good out of my Beretta 92fs and assorted revolvers. Consistent feel and report with tight groups. I also have seen it used on a pretty large wood chuck and the thing stopped dead in it's tracks. Bullet stayed in the target and it didn't move from where it was shot.

    I'm looking for more of this stuff to use in my little LCR as it isn't punishing to fire in such a light weight carry gun.

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    Part1: Testing G2 R.I.P., Liberty Civil Defense, Inceptor, and Lehigh Defense Rounds - The Firearm Blog

    This link is to the first of a six part comparison of several self defense rounds, the Civil Defense being discussed among them, using the FBI protocols. You can read the articles for all the details and draw your own conclusions. Spoiler alert, for the two guys who did all this work, they both picked the Civil Defense from Liberty as the LEAST FAVORITE (translate - worst) ammo tested.

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