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    Quote Originally Posted by flightsimmer View Post
    What's the verdict on M-22 ammo? Is it just cheap plinking or is it pretty good ammo?
    I picked up 2000 rounds at Walmart.
    Its not match grade but pretty good. When you can find it at Wally for $55+/- per 1000 it works.

    We like it.

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    Just at Gander north side Indy, loads of CCI and a fair price!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott357 View Post
    Anyone have luck finding 22 magnums? I live in NW Indiana and can't seam to find any.
    Not that it will you do any good but a shop just across the river from me has had it fairly regularly the last 3-4 months. I nabbed a brick (Hornady 30 gr Vmax)the first time they had some and then another a couple weeks later. Gave $12/50 for it. Also the local WM has had some (CCI Maximags) the last few times I've been it there and checked. Left it all and can't remember the price.

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    Call it the Trump Effect.

    Now that the fear factor has subsided (slightly), already ammo prices are starting to correct downward.

    I'm seeing online bricks well under $40 for reputable ammo with pretty good regularity.

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    I was in ESR Tactical in Jeffersonville yesterday and they had a very wide selection of .22 ammo. The prices were pretty much in line with today's market.

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