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    The .22 Comeback Tour

    ....has begun. Picked up a bucket of Remington Golden for $79. That's under $30/brick.

    Don't worry about the prices that are still inflated. Having ammo on the shelves is what is key. Once people expect it to be there, the instant disappearance of bulk packs will stop, and then the prices will start to fall.

    i think it will stabilize around $25/brick once it does.

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    This was at Dunham's, but I think our RK had buckets last time I was there for $90.

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    Well enjoy it because as soon as the Democrats announce who is running in the general election everyone is gonna freak out again.
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    I seen the buckets at Bass Pro a couple weeks ago. I haven't had too many problems finding .22 this year. It's not always on the shelf, but its becoming more common to see it than not.

    It also looks like CCI and Federal are adding more production but it probably wont be up until the end of the year.

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    Yep. I just sold two boxes here tonite. Probably my last ammo run as I am starting to see it regularly on the shelf everywhere except the obvious places like Walmart.

    I travel a lot to areas that have never been hit by the 22 shortage for some bizarre reason so I try to bring back a couple boxes and sell at cost to help out. I was in Huntsville Tuesday and the 5 guys that I was teaching had never heard of a 22 shortage other than the shelves going bare a couple days before the next truck when they got another couple cases. (hell, they can buy non-volatile reloading supplies at Walmart down there! They carry everything but primers and powder)
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    The Walmart in Clinton has primers and powder. Although powder is just starting to show back up there. The lady who used to work behind the counter was a competitive shooter. You could buy a complete rcbs Rockchucker setup plus dies. And it's actually the last place I found .22. 1k rounds of m-22 for $50.

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    Rural King had bricks sitting on the counter last weekend. Cheap stuff, but still 47 bucks for 500.

    It was the first time I had seen anything resembling bricks at a store since Newtown.
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    I think the announcements by CCI and Federal, of increased production coming on line, has slowed down the hoarders and gougers, so more rounds are available.

    Oddly, some parts of the country have not seen shortages, only modest increases in price.

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    An LGS near me has an ample supply of various 22lr ammo in stock and has had for awhile now. Buckets for $91.99, 500-525 cartons for $35 , 325rd Fed MC for $21 and CCI Minimags for $27 for the 300rd Troy Landry Choot 'em box. Over the past month it has just sat, nobody looks to be buying any of it. They seem surprised at this.

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