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    Once I get back to work I'm gonna start taking a crack at .45-70

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    I started working on some .38spl wadcutters the other day. Using the Hornady 148gr hbwc. I tried out a few different charges with Titegroup and settled on the 2.7gr. Trying to find something for my wife's Airweight 442 that doesn't wear on the hand after a few rounds. Seems to work pretty well. Those things are fun for target practice.

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    Just finished up on 9mm and 40s&w, Have been small base resizing once fired lc .223 brass 5,000 pieces and just finished up knocking out the primer crimps{I hate primer crimps} will start loading tonight as my order of 55 gr soft points nd 62 gr soft points finally got here from Grafs. Running out of metal ammo cans now been sobs reloading for everything last few months, need to find some more 45acp brass now too, But i did find primers and have those on order said 10 days out on filling orders, got sp,lp,sr 5000 each!! and at normal prices too.

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    Loaded 100 rounds of 10mm Auto today. Using Berry's 180 gr flat nose and Accurate #7 powder in Starline brass. Also loaded Speer 180 gr flat nose total metal jacket. I definitely prefer the Speer bullet over the Berry's in 10 mm.
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    loaded .222 Rem. .224 test rounds using:
    35gr v-max
    45gr sp hornet
    46gr jhp hornet
    50gr sp
    55gr sp

    using lee 223 Rem dies!

    yep, works great as I'm using in bolt gun started with new Winchester brass.

    works great.

    need range test for accuracy and vary the velocity.
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    Iím finally done decapping, swaging, sizing, and trimming 70 lbs (~5000) of 223 brass. Should be some easy loading once components get back in stock.

    On to 44 mag.

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    45 Colt with great cast bullets from an Accurate mold.
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    Finished up 1000 115g Delta Precision hollow point 9mm.
    I've got 3000 more , but I think I'm switching over to .38's
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    Working the last couple weekends finishing up some of the brass I have primed:
    500 S&W & 50ae, used up a few pounds of H110
    45-70 Gov.
    45acp, ran out of projectiles before I did Brass.
    45 Colt, 200gr LRN for the Lever and Vaqueros.
    44 Special
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    38 special, 357, 44 mag & 6.5 Creedmoor as of now. Got a shipment from graf&sons coming today.

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