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    UPS guy, who btw hates me..., left my order of 1500 230gr round nosers from Xtreme on the front porch today. Got my 45acp dies set up last night for the Lee turret. Gonna make a couple batches of "testers" using TG and HP38 tonight and see how the SR1911 likes them this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red_zr24x4 View Post
    My press is set up for .38's, my brother has his set for 9mm. Both are in my reloading room.
    I was going to start. 45colt but Len didn't hava shell plate for a Dillon 550 in stock so I have to order it
    Speaking of Len... I need to make a trip over there this week. Thanks for reminding me!

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    Just some plain old 9mm. Don't have any lp primers at the moment or I'd be doing .45 acp.

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    .45ACP and just ordered what I need to start loading .357 Mag again....time to get the S&W 27-2 out for the first time in a few decades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911ly View Post
    While I was following the returns last night I occupied my time fruitfully by prepping some 308 brass for my cousin who is working on a few loads for his Model 70.

    And I prepped the brass from my last shoot with the Henry 44mag. After 7 loads with 4 different powders I think I have a good enough load using 19.3 grains of Lil'Gun with a 225 FTX Hornady bullet. I am kind of hoping to do my first deer hunt using it.

    The last few months have really gotten me in to reloading. I have reloaded more ammo in the last few months then I have for the last 6 years! I am really enjoying doing it more for some reason.

    So what are you reloading at the moment? Please share.
    I just recently finished making up 44 loads for my Handi-Rifle. I am using 20.5 gr of LilGun with the same bullet. Am hoping to load up some 44s for my new revolver when I get it!

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    Right now I am set up for 45 ACP on the 550, with only a couple hundred more to go. After that, ly second loading of 40 S&W will be coming up shortly after I run them through the bulge buster and tumbler. I need to get some more media and bullets right now. Kind of waiting on xtremes black friday sales.....

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    40 s&w with homemade bullets and primers almost as old as me and I'm no spring chicken. They still go bang.

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    Nothing. But I have a large order at Bobcat Steel waiting for me as I prepared for Killary becoming the next POTUS and components becoming scarce/taxed out of availability.
    "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
    - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    I need some help setting up my Dillon 550B. Then I will start loading again. Until then I am loading some long range 223 to shoot at some targets... single stage baby!
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    I've been cranking out 9mm a lot. I'm case prepping 223 and 300blk. I'm getting ready to get into some 45-70, it'll be my first dive into some larger stuff.

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