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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyingbrian View Post
    Nothing the Dillon 650 is collecting dust at the moment.
    ^^This, the 550's as well. Need to start loading 38's
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    Loading some .303 British target rounds. Winchester 748 with 150 grain Hornady .312 lead tip.
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    My Blue Bullets showed up so Iím on a 2k 45ACP run. Itís a nice break from reloading rifle.

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    Burning more Varget on my Garand loads.

    Don't think I'll be buying more once I run out what I've got. Any suggestions on a good Garand powder?

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    Busy weekend at the press. Put together some .30-30 tracer rounds for show over thanksgiving holiday. Last year I brought a Garand and loaded them in that and they worked well. And to keep everyone entertained I made some subsonic 165 grain loads for the .30-30 as well using 7 grains of Trail Boss.

    Dialed in the .308 at the range and am making more 168 matchking rounds that the TC Compass enjoyed most. And since I have Trail Boss I'm attempting some subsonics as well with some Rainer 180 plated bullets and 12 grains of Trail Boss. Also making more 165 grain SST loads for deer season. Got a ton of .308 brass and miscellaneous rounds I'm just having fun experimenting with it. Plenty of .308 cal rifles laying around to try them out on.

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    .44 Magnum for the Henry Big Boy Steel with 230 grn. Hornady XTP and 22.5 grns IMR 4227 Starline Brass and CCI LPP.
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    1,500 rounds this weekend of my competition .40 S&W loads. I now have the Mr. Bullet Feeder fully functional and de-bugged, and I have to say, I can really hum along now and crank out the rounds pretty quickly. My elbow(s) start squawking though, so one of these days, I am going to fully automate (either a 1050 or the Mark 7 Evolution Pro).

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    300 BLK Subs

    Loading some 300 blackout subs for my suppressor.

    300 Blackout
    200gr coated Eggleston bullets
    A1680 10.5gr
    CCI small rifle primer
    1.950 Overall length
    GI Locker converted Brass from LC Cases

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    9mm, .45, and 300 BO.

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    Posting some pics showing what I'm loading.
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