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    I finished up a couple of different batches of .357 and have moved back to starting a batch of a mid to light level of .40 for target shooting in a couple non-carry guns.

    Iíve found that I have been more productive in reloading this year than in many years past. One of the things Iíve started doing is listening to audio books while reloading. Itís becoming one of my favorite activities to do to relax after work.

    Keeping supplies on hand is a chore though
    Ď88 (aka Ď88, the mad scientist)

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    Started working on depriming all my dirty 38spl brass and did my first batch in the rotary tumbler and dehydrator. Brass came out fairly shiny and clean inside and out. Took 4 hrs to process roughly 400 casings about the same as my vibrators tumblers but looks 10x better.
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    Just polished a batch of 44 mag and 45acp. This weekend will be de priming then next will be figuring out how to use this brass resizer dealy.
    WTS/WTT 9mm and 308 win reload dies.

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    Spent most of today prepping 556 brass. Also loaded a few more 300AAC to test out. I plan on swaging the 556 and load it up. Then 300 AAC before cleaning 45 and 44. A lot to do before the weather gets nice!

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    A guy a work gave me a coffee can full of 223. Cleaned it yesterday was going to de-prime/ size it so I could try out the new triway trimmer.
    1st one I grabed was a berdan. Need to sort it
    "Courage is Being Scared to Death, but Saddling up Anyway" - John Wayne

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    still waiting on my bullet order to arrive...

    been cleaning up in my room, sorting brass, and re organizing stuff.

    still need to get the gun tuned to the new load...

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    Iíve got a load of .38/.357 in the vibrating tumbler right now along with a load of 5.56 thatís been decapped, sized and trimmed waiting for wet tumbling. The 5.56 will go into the clean bucket when done and the .38/.357 will be loaded and then binned for range use. After that, I might run another batch of .40 as I seem to be going through a lot of that lately.
    Ď88 (aka Ď88, the mad scientist)

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    Some lightweight 44-40s for the new Lightning.
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    Smile Learned from it..

    Pulled down 100+ .308 Win. rounds..Simple mistake that could have caused MAJOR problems.
    168gr. IS different than 175gr...Bill.
    "It's more important to have a gun in your hand than a cop on the phone".

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    I just finished swaging a 5 gallon bucket of 223 brass using the Dillon super swage. Iím estimating thatís 3500 rounds from the weight.

    Next time Iíll be doing this on the press.

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