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    Yesterday I prepped a few hundred pieces of 223. This morning I loaded them up.

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    7.62X25, trying a shorter wider bullet for the Mauser carbine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmann250 View Post
    45 ACP!

    S&B primer, 4.4gr TiteGroup, and a 230gr RMR bullet.
    More of this and something a little unusual. Rice “shot shell” loads for 44. Got the idea from the Carpenter Bee thread and it’s quite effective. I’m not sure if it’s the concussion, the wads, or the rice, but it drops the bees right out of the air.

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    Ran the tumbler for a couple of hours today doing 45acp for my brother.
    Were getting ready to order a bunch of stuff from Precision delta, so maybe I'll get off my butt and load something
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingrider1800 View Post
    Where did you find them?
    I am not sure where he got them but you can get them here:

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    .45 ACP with 230 grn Hi-Tek coated bullets over 4.7 grains of Bullseye. Fun easy shooting load.
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    Over the last week, I have loaded 2400 9mm, 2660 62gr 223, and 150 6.5 Creedmoor. Getting ready to load some 6mm Creedmoor.
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    Loaded some 7BR for my XP-100 bolt action pistol. Will work on other strange calibers tomorrow.

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    Started on 300 black powder 12 gauges, then to 150 BP 20 gauges. Got 150 .44s done with APP last night. Need 500 .38s with APP now. The BP shoot at Paradise Pass is in August. Need to be ready earlier this year.

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    Converting 7BR new brass to 6.5BR. Ran them into an old neck sizer die first, then the full length die. Tried the FL die first and the neck collapsed. Deburred the inside of the flash holes, the RP brass is punched and for this gun, I'll do this tedious chore but I hate it.

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