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    Nothing too exciting, but did a handful of 7.62x39 to use up the bullets that I had for an experiment, and did 100 9mm Luger. Turns out the 7.62x39 handholds weren't any more accurate than the Wolf Polyformance that I normally shoot out of my AK's.

    It was just good to get out in the garage and do some loading. It had been too long.

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    I finished up some more 300 AAC target loads that I started yesterday. Just waiting on more TAC-TX to come in so I can get deer loads ready.

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    Got #358430's cast and ready to paper patch for the 9.3x74R.
    And there's a bunch of cast and sized Lyman #41026, 41028 and Lee 195 SWC's ready to work up loads in the .41 caliber 1858 Remington but dangit if finding the time is even likely.
    This weekend I'm processing the lumber to build a set of free standing shelves for the hobby room.

    Why does old mean busier?

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    45 ACP. 5.3gn HP-38 under a 230gn RN plated .452 from Xtreme seated to 1.25 OAL.

    Ho-hum, dull and boring. Time to make another 1000...
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    Got a big tub of brass this weekend. Contained around 800+ 32 h&r mag, 600+ 38spl, 400+ 357 mag, 400+ 45acp, and 200+ 44 mag. Paid 20 for the lot now I have to deprime clean and sort for selling.
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    Off till Monday, I'm going to find something to reload
    It's to hot to do anything outside
    I guess I could finish the bathroom, but that's no fun
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    Been loading some .223 with 55 grain bullets over Ramshot TAC powder. Kind of boring actually.
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    I've got to load up my next round of ammo testing. I've found what I think are excellent loads with RL15, 8208, and AR Comp for heavy loads too long for mag length (80gr).

    I need to finalize each powder's "best load" and then do a final shootout between the three powders. Thus far, it appears that AR Comp will likely win running away as it can push a 1/2-3/4 MOA load at good speed (2650ish).

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    .327 mag. I like 115gr LRNFP over Trail Boss.

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    End Products.jpgLoad Data.jpegHoles.jpgBrass.jpg

    45acp. I have been using this same basic load in my 1911 for quite a few years. I tumble the brass every few cycles, and couldn't be happier with my results.

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