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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    I use plastic ammo cans for loaded ammo and plastic coffee cans or the cardboard oatmeal tube-shaped containers for brass. I do use the flip-top MTM cases for "special" loads and for test batches. "Special" meaning it needs to be labeled and isn't bulk practice ammo. Something like **REDHAWK ONLY** or the like I don't want getting mixed in with regular loads.


    I do not even like to mix the "tried and true" loads that were made at different times. Say I had 300 left from last time and I reload another 500 this time. If I had any trouble, I would at least want to know which batch it was from. Even if I throw the rounds in a bag, I include a card with the date, powder, bullet, primer and OAL information for that particular lot of ammo.

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    I have several 40mm ammo cans for my 9, 45, 38spl, and 223. I also have a 120mm ammo can I plan on using for more 9mm as I have one 40mm can filled to the brim and that sucker is heavy. I'll use one of my plastic ammo cans for my 357 as that will be my target round only.
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    My preference has always been to store reloads in plastic 20, 50 or 100 round boxes. Each box is labeled with blue 3M painters tape (easy to remove and replace later). Each label has Date loaded, Case brand (times loaded for rifle), Primer, Powder brand and weight, Bullet brand/weight/style, OAL.
    All boxed ammunition is then placed in a caliber labeled metal GI ammo can and stored in controlled temperature and secured storage area.
    I do my reloading during the cold weather months (around November - February) and during the shooting months I do the following with my fired brass.
    After a shooting session I place my sorted (mine / accidential p/u) rifle brass in a labeled gallon zip-lock bag for later reloading. This lets me keep track of how many times the brass has been fired, trimmed, etc.
    After a shooting session I sort by brand in a labeled gallon zip-lock bag.
    All fired and bagged brass is stored in a caliber labeled GI ammunition can and also stored in controlled temperature (not secured) storage area.

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    bullets I use come in 500 count boxes... Loaded ammo goes back into them. Sturdy, small, stackable, easy to know how many in each box (holds 250 9mm, 200 .40s, 150 .45s or .223) and FREE. put a piece of 2" masking tape down to hold them closed and write the load data on.

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    All this talk about ammo storage has made me nervous. Only place I have to store ammo is in my garage. Stored stuff like that for years without a problem. Now I am thinking I need to stop reloading and just shoot everything up. Of course a couple of pounds of powder and box of primers are sitting on the bench so that doesn't really solve anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulletsmith View Post
    50 cal ammo cans. If I want to know how many I have, I count empty primer boxes. I know I can fit 2k 9mm in a can with room left. The can is too heavy to be pleasant to carry to the range, so I normally keep it to 1k.

    How can you look at this and not be satisfied?

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    FYI - I use an unscented version of this placed in little cloth bags as desiccant in the ammo cans, and other places. For about 15 dollars I can desiccant my whole world.
    Those are too pretty to be handloads. Very nice if so though...

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    I keep 1000 rounds of all pistol rounds I load in the MTM boxes, the rest get stored loose. Rifle rounds are all kept in MTM boxes, none are stored loose.

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    Mine get dumped in a .30 cal ammo can. I don't keep large quantities on hand though. I'll load up a 1000 rounds of 9mm over the course of a week, shoot that up in about a month during the season, then repeat the process.

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