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    Once again thanks for all the comments. I do have lymans 48th edition reloading guide which ive been reading and have lymans ar guide coming. Thought the ar guide would be perfect as i do want to eventually move up to reloading for my 300aac and 458 socom.

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    All I own is Lee. Cheap and work great.
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    I also only use lee, and with 223 I can use lees turret press with auto disk powder dispenser and load them just as fast as handgun ammo.

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    Nothing wrong with LEE dies at all. I've used almost all of the major brands, but usually only get picky if it's something for precision long range stuff, and in that case prefer Redding competition dies. The Lyman manual is a good choice too. If you can find someone who already know the ropes to get you started, but even if you can't there's plenty of info and folks on the web willing to help.

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    I have only Lee dies. No complaints. I have had a few issues with breaking dies, be it a depriming pin or galled threads so I sent it back to Lee and didnt cost me anything. I wont say they are the Kmart of reloading tools but more of a craftsman tool. Quality, good price, and does the job that I need it to do.

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    Ordered up a set of lee pacesetter dies to start out with. Midway seems to have the best prices. Ordered some hornaday fmj bt bullets and found what seems to be a good deal on some brass from brass bomber. Got 200 cases cleaned, deprimed, and swaged for $20 shipped. Now onto getting some powder and primers. Think im gonna go with cci 400 or cci 41 for the primer and h335 powder. Last 2 things i need to get to begin this newest venture. Thanks everyone for the all the feedback. I do have my boss to help out if i need some up close help. Gonna start off small and learn the ropes. Once i feel ive got the 223's downpat ill move onto the 300aac and then the 458 socom. Maybe eventually onto 9mm and 45acp.

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    Sounds good

    I load 9 and 45 on a Dillon progressive
    223 and 300aac on a Lee single stage

    It's a lot of fun and nice to be able to tune loads to your own gun. Great thing to be doing this time of year.
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    I load all my 223 ammo with Lee dies. I load for an AR and a boltgun
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    All my dies are Lee as well. Never an issue other than a couple broken depriming pins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boiled Owl View Post
    When I started with 223 I used Hornady dies. I must have gotten a very tight die as I would stick cases at an alarmingly high rate.
    No, that generally means you are either not using enough lube, using it in the wrong places, or using poor lube.

    Sure, dies can vary, but chambers vary more. A larger chamber spitting out casings that are relatively large to be sized back to SAAMI body dimensions is likely at least part of the problem.


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