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    Quote Originally Posted by Boiled Owl View Post
    A logical conclusion. However, I've been reloading since 1980 and have a degree in tool and diemaking. Yes it was a tight die. Nate: I could send it to you for evaluation ?

    To the OP: Looks like you're on track!
    That is interesting Owl. Say, if you are equipped and educated as above, then why did you have to suppose you got a tight die from Hornady? Why didn't you just cast it and measure, or use one of your bore gauges? Did you scope the die to see if it just had internal finish issues?

    I'm busting your chops of course, but you did have some jousting coming with your response. If you'd care to send me the die, I'd be happy to make it into something else, seeing as it has too much metal instead of too little. Just shoot me a PM for my address and I'll dispose of it for you!

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    Mgderf. I did discover Titan reloading while searching for good pricing on 300aac dies and ordered a set from them along with some more breech lock bushings. Saved me a couple bucks over Midway but definitely faster shipping.
    Jmitch. Chrono is on my short list
    Right now basically learning the fundamentals and am definitely going to be getting one in the very near future. Not to worried about it till spring, since that's when ill be able to get out and test a few of the loads im making. Definitely erring on the side of caution foe now and not looking for match grade rounds.
    Did score 500 Berry's bullets at Cabelas for $39.99 and had $10 coming to me so basically $32 after tax for 500 bullets was a killer deal.
    So far I've worked up 100 rounds 55gr fmjbt at 24.5 grains of blc2 and 100 rounds of the same at 25.5 grains. Gonna shoot a couple of each this weekend to test them out

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