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    Some of their products would fair REALLY well with just a little tweaking.

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    Reloaded with Lee presses for 30 years. Two different presses. No big complaints. It was what I could afford at the time. Last year I went to a Dillon 550B. Glad I did but recommend lee if your on a budget.
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    Another good deal is Lees molds. I use them exclusively, never have had a problem.

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    I like their dies and molds,but the Lee safety powder measure is garbage.

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    The Lee case length gauge and trimmer tools are an exceptional VALUE, which is quite possibly the best word to describe most of their products.

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    Well sat down and played with the Lee Pro 1000 yesterday. It belonges to my brother but i wanted to check it out. Ordered all the goodie to change it over from 45 to 9mm got it all set up and started running it.....ran about 30-40 through and of those had 6-8 with missing primers, upside down primers, or sideways primers. This thing will probably drive me to drinking!

    I am going to mess with it some more tonight. Last night I was ready to take a hammer to it and decided it was time to take a break.

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    I am a newbie to reloading, so take this with a grain of salt, but also it gives a perspective from one who is new to this game.

    Lee offers an avenue to get going with a decent set of tools. I started with a Lee Classic Turret press, and I actually love it. Someday, I can see the need for a Blue progressive to crank out the pistol rounds, but for now, I like watching and being in control of each step in the process. So far, I have about 2,000 rounds of 9mm through the press without issues.

    I started with Lee dies as well, and have already upgraded my sizing and seating dies to Redding. Quite a bit of difference, especially in the consistency of the seating die with regard to OAL and run out. Don't see much difference in the sizing die, at least for the pistol.

    I also now have Redding dies for my upcoming .223 loads, and here I can see a huge difference in *both* the resizing and the seating dies.

    Does this make Lee dies junk? No, but although they have a place in the ecosystem, they are not up to the level of the Redding dies that I have purchased to replace the Lees.

    I think this has been said about a million times in this thread already, but Lee products are a great value, and serve a great many of us reliably and accurately. If I had to shell out the money to go with a higher end system right off the bat, that would have probably dissuaded me from getting started.

    I am sure I will continue to graduate from most Lee products, but so far, the LCT press, the Lee Auto-Drum dispenser (not the Auto-Disk), the Lee Factory Crimp Die and the Lee Safety Priming systems are GTG and give me the results I need for a great price.

    Long live Lee!!!

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    No question that Redding's equipment, especially their dies, is a cut above.
    I bought their bushing neck die for .30-06 last year, and the workmanship and quality of ammo it produces are immediately noticeable.
    They're a bit expensive, but the quality really shows.

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