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    22 ammo grain difference

    My search skills may just not be up to snuff, this has probably been discussed but...

    Is there a real difference in using 22 ammo with 36 grains versus 40 for instance? I understand the difference in 5.56 ammo with regards to twist rate and all but does it really matter in my 10/22 out back shooting targets? Is it only important for those worried about serious accuracy who are looking to match what their rifle likes?
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    36, either saves THEM money, OR they go a LITTLE faster .....
    I shoot slow, and hit every time!!!!!

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    Typically 36 gr is HP
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    Put the centerfire comparison out of your head. It's not apples to's apples to toaster ovens: both kinda have something to do with food.

    For serious shooting of targets, grain weight is not a choice: it shall be 40, shall not exceed 40, and 39 is right out.

    With the exception of fast twist barrels specifically intended for the Aguila 60 Grain SSS load, all twist rates are 16.0" unless you really know what you want to do with a 16.5" or 17.0". That, or just because the factory sucked and didn't make what they intended.

    For a normal 10/22 punching holes in Shoot-n-sees in the back yard, just buy Twenty-Two.

    If, either now or in the future, you want to shoot smaller targets or groups, you'll need to look at match ammo. Like I said, all of it is 40 grain, and NONE of it is supersonic. The world stops at 1080 as far as target is concerned. Should you want to know a bunch more about target .22, ask.


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    Thanks for the info. That does help. I had never thought much about the differences in the past until this weekend I was staring at a bunch of 36 grain CCI for 6.99 or 40 grain CCI for 7.99.

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