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    Fun Fact -- Lake City produced 17+ BILLION rounds for the military since 2000

    Saw this cool little fact and thought I'd share: "Since 2000, Orbital ATK has produced more than 17 billion rounds of small-caliber ammunition at Lake City to support U.S. and allied warfighters around the globe."Orbital ATK Receives $92 Million in Small-Caliber Ammunition Orders from the U.S. Army | Business Wire

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    Aside from the wow factor. I vote this the best use of capital letters in a thread title. BILLIONS.

    I can get behind the use of my tax dollars in this manner.
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    See....I went through and did the math and that was $0.0054 a round the way I first read the information. I then thought "DAMN" our government knows how to make a deal!!

    Then I said "Did that just come out of my mouth? I need to read that again!" I am good now they didn't state how many round were in the $92M contract. (It was probably 1,000 rounds of each for $92M at government pricing.)

    On a side note if Trump worked the deal they probably threw in a couple of free hats!

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