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    Depriming 12ga shot shell

    Looking for advice on a more efficient and non expensive way to remove primers from 12ga shotshell. We only use primed shotshells for hunt test training with the dogs. I currently just punch out the spent primer with a punch and then can reprime. Not sure what would work better.


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    You can look for a cheap old press like a'll deprime and reprime easily.

    Something like this one...LEE LOAD-ALL 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell SHOTSHELL RELOADING PRESS | eBay

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    There was a shot press at Traildust in Bloomington awhile back. I did not look for it today when I stopped in but it was not on my radar....

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    I have deprimed on a drill press before.

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    Listen to t-squared and just get a Load-All for the purpose.
    It'll punch your primers as quickly and precisely as possible to allow you to get the most shots out of your shells, and you can always use it to roll your own if you'd like.

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    I used forstner bits to make a pocket in a 2x4 that a shell fit into and then clamped the board to the table of a drill press. just put a punch in the chuck and deprime.
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    Thanks all. Dont have a drill press so the cheapest reloading press might be the best solution.

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    MEC 500's and 600 Juniors are pretty easy to find used. They have pretty much been the standard for low volume shot shell work for 50 years.

    I have seen a Shot shell adapter kit for a RCBS rockchucker, but that was along time ago.
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