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    Radiology room lead

    I just acquired a bunch of radiology room lead. I estimate that I have a couple hundred pounds worth. I plan to list it in the classifieds soon, but haven't yet weighed it or taken any pictures. Looking to see if there's any interest - and if anyone knows the going rate for pure lead.
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    Will it glow?

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    I cast a lot of bullets. See lead listed from $.50 for range scrap to $2 for linotype. Most often see soft lead going for about $1 a pound.

    That is still high in my opinion, however others may value it at more.

    Good Luck.


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    What kind of form is it in? Does it still have apron coverings, is it thin sheets... what?

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    I got some radiology room lead a while back. It was in thin large sheets. Some of it was clean while some had adhesive and even chunks of drywall stuck to it. Good soft lead for casting. Still have a bunch of it.
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    A lot of your final sale price will be reflected in how much work it takes to get it into clean ingot form.
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    A lot of your final sale price will be reflected in how much work it takes to get it into clean ingot form.
    And then follow the money...
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    scrap price is $.25 a pound......i would do $.35 for all you have.....

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    I pay .50 cents a pound for wheel weights. These get turned into pistol bullets, as is, or witj some Linotype added.
    As far as soft lead, I can get pretty much all I want for free. I have friends that are plumbers and commercial contractors that give me lead.
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    I got some of this many years ago. I had to add tin to get the desired mix.

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