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    Thumbs up Powder Coat is the way to go...

    Quote Originally Posted by mdunn View Post
    Quit loading cast bullets in all of my auto loading pistols,hate cleaning lead out of my guns.Been finding low cost plated and frangible bullets online. GI has a very clean burning powder for 9mm as well as other calibers that meters very consistent.
    With PC, or Coated Bullets .356-.357" diameter you will have a VERY CLEAN load/barrel==Even @ Max loads...Check it out for yourself. A lot of the Major cast bullet Co's are selling Coated Bullets, or you can DYI....Bill.
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    I buy FMJ bullets from RMR for around $75/1000 with my 5% discount. Free shipping and fast shipping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzz View Post
    You mind sharing your load data for the 147 with Titegroup? Powder and COL. Thanks
    Fuzz, sorry for the late reply. Iím in the process of moving my reloading area and Iíve misplaced my log book. I will advise of the charge Iím using when I find it and Iíll dig into the other boxes this weekend. I will tell you that Iíve moved from a G34 to a 2011. When I did that I increased the OAL quite a bit as I was told the 1911/2011 feed ramp could tolerate a longer one. More detail to come.

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    My last batch of plated bullets I bought from American Reloading was just over $100 for 2000 9mm 115 plated bullets with free shipping. They are pulled bullets and have some pull or crimp marks on them but for just range plinking they work great

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    Loaded many 147 with titegroup 3.4 is my go to load

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