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    Lee 223 Crimp Die

    What's your experience with .223 using Lee's factory crimp die?

    Good, bad, eh, maybe or not, good points, bad points?

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    I have had good results with it. I'm pretty new to reloading and it's worked well with 68gr at 200yrd. What I do is crimp it then quarter or so turn the round and crimp it again. With 55gr I just crimp and go

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    I've had good success for several years until my last batch of .223. Every now and then a round would come out with the shoulder smashed down and flared out a bit. The round is ruined. I figured out that the crimp die wasn't releasing after the previous round and when the next round was inserted, it got jammed up.

    I cleaned the crimp die (not very dirty) and put some Kroil in it. It's working well so far. I also bought a new replacement Lee crimp die as a backup. For $17 new, I can't afford to smash too many rounds. If the old die fails again, it's gone.

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    My limited testing with it, h335, and 55gr varmageddons showed a significant decrease in accuracy with any crimp whatsoever. 2+moa crimped. 1 moa uncrimped

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    I use it for my 55gr w/cannelure loads. There is such a thing as too much. I do not use it for my 69gr SMK loads for the reason mentioned.

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    I do not crimp any of my rifle loads anymore.......223 will go 2+M.O.A with crimp (I do load them to .030 under magazine leanth) no issues even in the rapid fire part of the matches

    My 22-250 no crimp either....groups open up........

    Now that being said, the Lee die works well, I did crimp every round for a long time and the die works well.....


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    I've had the same experience as bocefus78 . As long as your neck tension is tight enough to hold the bullet where you seat it , you'll get better groups out of the longer heavier bullets. I can't tell much difference either way with the 55 gr. bullets .

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    Used it for years. Worked great. No time for rifle loading these days.

    Didn't notice groups opening like others have mentioned. Made me feel better to crimp AR rounds. I only kissed it with a tiny amount of crimp. Used it on all weights and brands. Will be purchasing another some day.
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    I use no crimp on rifle ammo in my bolt guns, and a light crimp on anything running thru a semi auto. All my crimp dies are lee also.

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    Whidden custom dies sells expander kits with 5 expanders from bullet diameter to .004 under bullet diameter. Meaning these expanders let you decide on the amount of neck tension/bullet grip.

    Below is a Lyman type "M" .223 expander, please notice the expander is .003 smaller than bullet diameter and its increased bullet grip.

    Bottom line, I use the Lyman type "M' expander above and do not crimp any of my AR15 loads.

    I wet tumble my cases with SS media and then dip my case necks in powdered graphite to ease seating force.

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