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    .45ACP and Xtreme Bullets

    Did I miss the usual Father's Day sale that Xtreme usually runs? Seems to me it is usually 15% off and free shipping. I did not get an email from them like usual.

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    Plinker bulletbaron's Avatar

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    X-TREME bullets have filed bankruptcy

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    Sharpshooter bgcatty's Avatar

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    Yes they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to pare down debt and reorganize their finances and operations. They remain in business and appear to be conducting business as usual.

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    Thanks for the info! I like their product and hope they continue conducting business. I guess this would explain a lack of a sale. Hopefully we will see the usual holiday sales toward the end of the year.

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    Didn't know about the bankruptcy either. I usually place an order once or twice a year. Looks like this winter's order will be much larger than normal.
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    I like their stuff, I hope that the bankrupcy can help them keep making affordable and quality projectiles.
    Their plated bullets are very clean and consistent in my exp, and as long as you don't run them at crazy velocities (for any given caliber), they work quite well.
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    Don't order anything from X-treme. It's been over two weeks and I'm still waiting on an order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ark View Post
    Don't order anything from X-treme. It's been over two weeks and I'm still waiting on an order.
    Meh, 2 weeks, that's pretty typical for me too (live in b-town). It'll get there Ark.

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    I am with eyecarry on this one. They have always been slow. I have gotten a few thousand bullets from them always slow to ship.
    Might be a good reason they are in chapter 11. I did order some 38 special wad cutters from them about 2 weeks ago, yep waiting on them too

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    Try some RMR bullets.
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