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    Custom dies with my resizer reamer

    I'd like to send my resizing reamer to a reputable die maker that can make me a die set for my 22 Squirrel.

    Who have you all used in the past with great results?

    I'd like to commission a small shop based on the positive experiences I've had vs. a production business.

    Thanks for suggestions

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    I shoot 17 squirrel, I would suggest ordering them from Redding.

    You might want to look and see what Bullberry has to offer, I have a friend that has there double sided neck die and it works well to neck down to 17 caliber.
    22 squirrel is an easy case to form.
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    Whidden Gunworks makes custom dies......

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    Call Neil Jones and ask him to tell you what to do.

    Do not call if you are in a hurry, and do not call if you plan to tell him how much you know.

    I guarantee, order or no order, you'll learn something.

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