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    Makes sense to me. Not long after I started getting into firearms is when it started getting hard to find ammo of any caliber. I was buying reloads for $13.00 a box and felt lucky to find it. Nowadays I have been buying manufactured to rounds for 8 or 9 dollars a box. I keep an ammo box full of 9mm, 45 and 223 just in case. Always keep my brass and would be nice to have the ability to turn it into usable rounds if or when that time comes again

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    I have been an ingo member since 2013 and read a lot of the post but donít have enough post to be able to buy out of the marketplace yet. Saw a good deal on a press but wasnít able to respond. Iím trying to be more active on the site to be able to act on the next good deal that comes up

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    Or plunk down the site supporter fee to gain access to the classies.

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    As a fairly low volume shooter by ingo standards, I think it pays off for me; I'm too lazy to chase brass, so the 38s,357s and 44s i crank out on my lee .single stage with cast boolits (homemade and .commercial) are way cheaper and an entertaining way to spend some spare time. My press is c-clamped to a small stool, I can watch TV in the house while reloading. Yeah, I know, people will go crazy, but it works for me

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    I shoot in cowboy action shooting matches. If you have ever priced .45 Colt you can see commercially made ammo would cost me about $120 at a match to shoot. If my wife shoots, you can almost double that. By reloading I can lower that to about $20. Plus CAS requires specific ammo, which is not so easy to find. As soon as the weather warms up I also plan on casting my own bullets, which will reduce my costs even more. In your case, I would just shop for a nice single stage press outfit. You can't beat the zen of reloading when you're in total control.
    There is such an outfit in the classifieds now, and he included his phone number so you don't need 50 posts to contact him.

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    It is a hobby itself. Sometimes I shoot to reload and other times I reload to shoot.

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    I can't speak to the cost saving of reloading pistol, but for rifle there is a savings....I can save 50% of the cost on my 30-06 and my 22-250 loads and I can build a 223 XTC load (600 yards) for the cost of cheap 55 grain plinking they are much more accurate then a factory load

    Plus the hobby of reloading is very satisfying and a great way to relax
    Quote Originally Posted by MarkC View Post
    To those of who lack such mad skills, your work, sir, is like magic!

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    I got into reloading with some buddies to find a load that was built specifically for our coyote rifles. I got into pistols when ammo was cheap and available. Then we had the ammo scare! I started collecting the components and tools so I could reload for my pistols. A few months ago I finally added a Lee Classic Turret press. I can do bulk stuff like 9mm, 223, 300AAC on the turret and still have my single stage for rifle loads or load development. Midway has the LCT kit for $220. I bought the kit because it was only a few extra dollars than if I bought the press and auto-drum and priming system. I can run it as a single stage, or I can auto index or do it manually. As it has been mentioned several times before, if you are only going to do 9mm, it will take a long time to re-coup your investment. However, throw in other cartridges that cost more, you will save more money. I don't shoot near enough to pile up savings, but by having everything I need on hand, it will be along time before I run out. I keep ammo stocked and components to make more. That way I will still have bullets when the shelves are bare in stores!

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    I find it cost effective for 9mm. However I do load a lot. Like others have said, 9mm will take a long time to recoup the cost of the reloading tools. One thing that is nice with reloading is that you can cater your load to your firearm. So that means cheaper ammo with better accuracy!

    Here is my cost breakdown!
    Brass=free (range pickup)
    Powder $140 for 8lb jug = 56000grų4gr=14000 rounds =about $.01 for powder

    Bullets (I found coated works better than plated and I prefer blue bullets) $243 for 3600 125gr bullets = $.0675 a round.

    Primers (I use Winchester and have a good deal) $27 per 1000 = $.027

    .01+.0675+.027=$.1045. So $10.45 per 100 rounds. Thats half of what you're (OP) paying!

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    Thanks for the breakdown

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