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    New .45 ACP ammunition

    Dave Lauck of D&L Sports has developed a new bullet for the .45 ACP. There will be two versions, one for revolvers and one for semi auto pistols. I have received some "revolver" rounds, and they function just fine in my Colt Officer's ACP. The bullet is a rounded ogive "semi wadcutter" type bullet, and coated with some type of advanced coating to prevent barrel leading and excessive smoke. I recently fired these rounds and have had no malfunctions. None. The bullet weight is 200 grains and is traveling at approximately 900 fps. The sharp cutting shoulder produces a "wadcutter" type hole in the target, and does not expand. This round is a stout fella, and can be used for target and personal defense use.

    The ammunition is being produced by a company named Load Up Ammunition (Load Up Ammunition|home) and the semi auto bullet is in the last stages of development and will be ready for sale in a month or so. I believe that this ammunition is a step forward. The company producing the ammunition is also owned and operated by American veterans.
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    I mean it would be cool if the cases were cannelured to prevent crimp jump in a revolver. But I would never use a non expanding bullet for personal protection (at least in a handgun) with HST (a proven cartridge) you can get it for 50 cents a round, what benefit does this offer if any at all...
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    Interesting. Thanks for posting!
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    In my own opinion, unless one uses the old H&G #68 type SWC bullets, this is a round for those that eschew HPs and SPs. I can see the use here in states that "ban" HPs, such a New Jersey, etc. and offers another option. Again, the sharp cutting shoulder is the key here. I would agree that the cases should be cannelured, however, in what little experience I have had so far, there have been no issues. I would guess that production rounds may be cannelured, however, I am not sure.

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