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    Deflated ballistic coefficient?

    Many bullet manufacturers inflate their ballistic coefficients....has anyone experienced the inverse?

    I am launching a lapua scenar l 7mm 150gr bullet and the ballistic calculators are not projecting the results that im seeing.

    Last time i shot 700 yards, compensating for half? Value impacts where about 2 target widths off in the direction of compensation(triple mt hold over)....i didnt have the time, ammo, or want to wear the barrel chasing a variable that i cant identify.

    Im a long range novice but regularly shoot 300yd with no problems.

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    Are you saying there was considerably greater drift than you anticipated?

    Either highly variable wind between you and the target, and/or BC changes as the velocity drops.

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    BC is going to manifest itself most obviously in drop, not drift.

    If your elevation was good but you were landing to the side of the target...clearly your wind call was incorrect, not BC.
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    I can buy that...for some reason, operator error is never my first assumption.

    Need to practice in the wind more.
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