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    .22 LR Remington Golden Bullet

    Have several boxes of .22 LR Remington Golden bullet 100 round boxes. I have had two squib loads in one box and wanted to see is anyone else has had problems? The first round went out the barrel, but the second lodged into the barrel until I removed it.

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    I recently shot a box of 100 at the range with no issues.
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    Ive probably gone thru 2k rounds of them in the past 3 months and the only issues ive had are desd primer spots, and even those have been relatively few. Ive been shooting bulk packs. Hopefully not an issue because i just ordered another case of 5k for $139

    EDIT. Just realized mine are the Thunderbolts not Golden Bullets

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    Remington Golden Bullet is known to be fairly, um. Not awesome..

    Google that sh#$ and see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by natdscott View Post
    Remington Golden Bullet is known to be fairly, um. Not awesome..

    Google that sh#$ and see.
    Accuracy wise I would agree with this. Also it does tend to run pretty dirty.

    As for reliability, I must be one of the lucky ones. I have shot several thousand rounds of Golden Bullets through my 10/22 and I honestly can't remember having any kind of squibs or misfires.
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    Never had a squib with a Remington GB, but they don't work for crap. Even in rock steady reliable 10/22 they can cause issues and forget about it in just about any pistol.

    Once the great .22 ammo drought eased, I stopped buying and shooting Remington GB entirely.
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    Save it for the next panic. Those aren't for shooting.
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    Not a fan either. I finally relegated them to my revolver to use them up. I no longer buy them.
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    Keep in mind the 100 round plastic box version is different than the bulk packs by the same name. My 2206 likes the 100 rd plastic boxes well enough so I went out and bought a bulk box. Alas the box has a different projectile and seems like 2/3 are loose in the brass (probably thanks to the lack of packaging).

    Don't recall any problems with the plastic boxed stuff in 1000 rounds myself.

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    I have a number of pistols that wont' function with anything but golden bullets. Other than the occasional dud never had a problem and I have shot 1000's of them.

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