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    358 Hoosier---again

    I just got a MGM barrel , chambered in the 358 Hoosier---got the dies---trimmed to 1.80------formed the cases-----found some loading data---(on the net , must be correct lol)---when I used a drop tube with the "STARTING LOAD" (42gr RL-7) powder spilled over the full case.

    So does anyone have a printable set of loading information for the 358 Hoosier??

    Thanks , tallend

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    Shouldn't . 35 Rem loads be pretty close?
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    0830-----agreed ,but I thought surely there would be some legitiment (tested-printed loads)
    thanks for your thoughts

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    You might check with gunsmith Alan Brown at Bloomfield. He was much involved with development & rebarrelled a lot of rifles for it. PM me for his phone number of you can't readily find it. I hesitate to post it due to idiots.

    A.J. Brown Arms Co.
    Bloomfield, In

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