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Thread: Seating Bullets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmag View Post
    Not thinking this a die brand problem. Like the Dillon dies for a couple reasons. Bullet seating seems to be the issue so it could be the seating stem, could be OAL not being deep enough or loose nut seating the bullets. Just surprised how much easier the Speers loaded.

    What is good OAL for 200 gr SWC? Light crimp or heavy crimp? Heavy crimp has been good from my experiences.

    I really don’t want to throw money at this problem much rather throw lead down range and being an accuracy junkie so this needs fixed.

    200gr SWC

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    200gr RnFp
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    SWC .45 ACP bullets should be seated so just a little of the lead shoulder is sticking above the mouth of the case. With Dillon dies, I find that a taper crimp of .470" measured at the mouth is good. That is enough to keep the bullet from sitting back into the case when fed through a magazine or pushing out from recoil. I also find that it is enough to get complete ignition with fast burning powders. This works for me:

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    The inside case mouth measures .445, flair inside .475 and outside .495. This about right? Thatís not much to get it started straight.

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    The out side of mine are .475 I have run flat base and bevel base lead like this for years. If you are using a flat seating plug the problem is the cases are not in the shell plate properly, wrong shell plate or the bullets are not being put on the case mouth straight.

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    I'm only belling my case mouth to .474" and that is a little more than usual for me because of these coated bullets. The nickel plated cases that I'm currently using are a little thinner than all brass cases. I think you are over-belling the case mouth. That could be contributing to your problem.

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    Thinking that also. Going to bell the case enough to put bullet in push down a little so it can not fall out when turned over. Pretty much going to start over and reset crimp also.

    I started out loading straight wall cases with a press that was getting worn out with 185gr SWC. The old press was getting inconsistent while seating and crimping. Those fixes to those problems have followed to the new-used press I believe. It would really mess up 357ís also, lol. Going to take a little time and make adjustments.

    Thanks for the input.

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