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    CCI Ruger 70th Anniversary .22lr

    To be released Fall 2019.

    Stocking stuff for the Ruger fan(s) in your family.

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    Lone Ranger

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    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    They could've at least used red and black powder coated bullets to go with the Ruger theme...
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    My short, tempestuous existence on this planet has shown me that if the words "Limited Edition" or "Collectible" are used anywhere in advertisements, then they are neither collectible nor limited. Same with guys trying to eek out more money selling "Anniversary" guns. Boomer-think...

    (Off to go shoot my Christmas themed CCI ammo with the groundhog in a Santa hat on it...)

    It's over for now... it seems... until yesterday begins again...tomorrow...

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