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The paper says "Rose Reloading LLC"
He's still in business and has been for quite a while. He does gunshows in the northern half of the state, but sometimes does an Indy show. I've bought components and dies from him at shows a couple of different times and he always dealt with me fairly. If it were me and my gun, I would shoot his ammo and not be too concerned about it.

Any time I shoot something unfamiliar - no matter who made it (Winchester, Remington, military surplus, or my own handloads) - I always examine the first casing after firing and examine it. If the shot sounded and felt normal, and the casing looks good, I continue and check the next couple of shots. If everything is still feeling, sounding, and looking good, I plink away. I'm probably overly cautious, but I like to pay attention to the details of what is going on with what I'm shooting.