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    Gander-CCI Patriot Pack

    If you are interested, the 300 rounds of red, white, blue coated ammo is on sale for 11.47 online. May be a club only price. I was at the Greenfield store and sign said 19.87 or similar so I asked about online price. Customer service desk quoted me 11.82 plus I was able to use the $10 merch certificates they emailed me yesterday.

    Realize some don't like Gander but seemed like a pretty good deal to me and tough I would pass it along. I haven't shot these before but bought 2 boxes for the range. Online link below:

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    Had bought a box of the christmas ones last year for the wife. She shoots nothing but cci sv out of her Ruger Mark IV 22/45 lite with zero issues, but with those she had all kinds of problems. Not sure why. We ran the rest of them thru my daughters 10/22 without the problems.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Will be interested to see how they shoot in mine. Figured worst case revolver or rifle use.

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