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    GT Bullets "Back 2 School" sale?

    So I am not sure this should go here, in the Breakroom, or under the political section. Please feel free to move if it should be elsewhere.

    So I got this email from GT Bullets yesterday about a $10.00 off sale and am trying to figure out if their site got hacked by anti-2A group or if they just didn't really think about it before sending it out?

    I am not sure why in these current times a company would open themselves up to the storm a "Back to school" bullet sale could cause them?

    Am I reading more into this?
    Should I take off my tinfoil hat?
    Or should their marketing dept. be fired?
    Or should I delete the post since not ALL members of INGO are 2A friendly and work for the other side and I don't want to help their case.

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    I like horses but I step over the pile of manure when it’s in the path I am walking.

    Someone didn’t think.
    Don't blame is Turbo's fault.

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    If that's real, yeah, somebody had their head where the sun don't shine.
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    Why is it a bad thing?

    I took my son out target shooting on Wednesday evening to celebrate his first day as a 3rd grader. He was a happy boy.
    NoMo new guns, Mo Ammo.

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    Snowman's Blocker aka Bandit mcapo's Avatar

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    Given the current political climate and recent actions of the armed and deranged, use of the words “school
    starting” and “hunting season” in the same sentence to market ammunition is probably not a prudent decision.
    Don't blame is Turbo's fault.

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    Nothing wrong with this, except like mentioned above... terrible timing. Today's political climate and our fight for hearts and minds means we have to think about things like this, before they go public.

    Doesn't bother me, but it will bother many... not smart

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    It’s terrible wording. They could have just had a fall sale. What did they gain with the wording choice they made?
    “...I blame Turbo” -Everyone

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    Well at least I wasn't the only one that thought this was a poor choice...

    I personally have no problem with it but as I stated the timing and message was not done correctly!

    One would think that someone "in the business" would understand that more that anyone.

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    Pretty simple. If they had just posted it as a "fall sale", would we be discussing it right now? Probably not.

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    When my daughter was younger in California her teacher carried. Her principal carried. Even the janitor and the kitchen staff carried. For 6th period she had target class in the back of the school at least twice a week. She was even allowed to keep her guns inside the classroom throughout the year. They also taught her how to properly clean and store her guns.

    Guns belong in school. Guns have always belonged in school.

    As per the sale..... Why should a store ever need explain their reason for having a sale?

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