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    I used to shoot at an outdoor public range and I'd go early Sunday mornings. Usually there would be lots of pistol brass laying around from the day before, so when I picked up my own, I'd get whatever was around my lane. This got me a good bit of 9mm, .40, .45, some .380, and rarely some .38 and .357. At that time, I only reloaded 9mm, so I gave the others to a friend.

    When I started reloading .38, I bought new brass at a gun show. I've never found much revolver brass at the range.

    I don't shoot or reload as much as I used to, and I don't have a system for keeping track of how many times each case is reloaded, other than a visual check for problems.
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    I've mostly picked up my and other brass on the range and that has worked well for me for the past 20 years. However, I have had a few instances where I needed to purchase new brass (eg 44 Mag and other revolver calibers) simply because I never see it left behind. The biggest exception is that this year, I've started shooting NRA High Power at our club. Although I've got lots of mixed commercial brass, I've purchased 1000 once fired lake city cases so that I have some consistency in the loads. In this case, I'll only pick up my brass for re-use. For the stuff my son uses in Mag dumps, I still use a light to moderate load in the mixed range brass.

    You should have no issues picking up 9mm. If you were closer to me, I'd give you some. 45acp is less used so is much harder to find. For instance, I brought home about 500 9mm cases last night and only had 1 45acp in the whole bunch. If you start with enough factory rounds to handle a range session (eg 200) and take care to pick them up, you should be able to gradually build up your quantities.


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    I pick up everything I find at the range and have recently started depriming and wet tumbling before inspection. Anything that is crud gets tossed in a scrap bucket. What I dont reload gets separated to trade or sell.
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    A bunch of my 45acp and 223 brass came from the INGO classifieds. The people here seem to be realistic about what their stuff is worth. Most of the time...

    I tried the “buy a bunch of factory ammo and save the brass” route. I found out quickly my reloads out performed factory ammo in my guns in the settings I was in. Full power 45 in competition and minute-of-man 223 on the rifle range is just frustrating.

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    38sp and 45acp are real easy on brass. 223 on the other hand with its short neck and high pressure does not.

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    I pick up my own spent casings, as well as others that I might find if I am using a public range. Inspect them for cracks, and run them through my tumbler before I reload.

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    mostly range pickup, and an occasional trade.

    I loose more brass than I pick up

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    Sometimes the Brass Fairy will drop me a line on garage sales or people I know who will sell or give me brass dirt cheap.

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