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    32 caliber casting

    Ive decided to finally get into casting and have accumulated lead, a lee pot, ingot mold, beeswax, and a mold along with a sizing kit for 45acp. Im looking to more cast for my 32 s&w's( H&R top breaks made for smokeless), my 32acp's( CZ 50, CZ 70, Yugo M70's) and 7.62x25(CZ 52). I plan on powdercoating so watching locally for a cheap toaster oven and my harbor frieght ad for the 20% coupon and to see if they carry powder coat in our local store. I also bought a respirator with filters even though im doing this outdoors in calm weather.

    My issues is that the lyman reloading manual shows an 85gr mold and loads with powders I have for all 3 cartridges. In my research I dont see many people using 85gr in 32acp. These would be plinking rounds with a lean towards accuracy as I'll be reloading these on a single stage. Has anyone had success using 85gr in their 32acp?

    I know I'll have to buy 2 sizing kits since the cz52 should be somewhere between 308 and 311. I plan on slugging in time for a more accurate bullet. I will be buying a lyman mold as majority of my lead will go towards these cartridges. At almost 95 a piece new would like to steer towards one mold as the used market is so far miss on any used molds.

    The lee 10lb casting pot that I got for free has some rust in the pot and will sometimes leak when I add the beeswax and stir. Can I or should I remove the plug and use a high grit sandpaper on the insides and on the plug? Ill use a pick to clean out the spout.

    Any tips or tricks to make my casting experience a better one?
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    Are you gonna be using the Lyman #313249?
    Good wheel weight bullet for .32ACP.

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    I use an 88 grain Accurate mold for 32 ACP, and a 110 grain Lee RN for 32 SW Long and 7.62X25. They work very well. I've loaded the 110 in 32 ACP but limit it's use to the Colt 1903. Years ago I remember reading an article about the 1903 being loaded heavy with a 110-115 grain bullet and used in the Colt 1903 during WW2 by the OSS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NKBJ View Post
    Are you gonna be using the Lyman #313249?
    Good wheel weight bullet for .32ACP.
    That's the plan for 32acp and probably the 32s&w. Might do some more research in my lyman reloading manual and what powders i have to maybe go a heavier bullet for 7.62x25.
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    Forget sizing, unless your cast bullets are more than 0.003" over actual groove diameter. I get better accuracy from as-cast bullets with simply tumble lube.
    Leaking pot is not going to work well.
    Get Lyman cast bullet manual.
    .32 S&W Long does real well with full wadcutter bullets.
    For heavier bullet, look at the Lyman 313249

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