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    Sawdust for casting

    Bought 2 bags of pine sawdust which were about a 55gal drum each for $5/each. They come in some heavy duty clear bags. If you're near Michigan check these guys out for some dust.
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    Never used saw dust when casting. We were taught, and still use paraffin wax
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    I've always used the Frankford Arsenal Cleancast. It's what I started with and lasts a surprising amount of time. It's very handy for the last flux in the casting pot.

    LMW brought me a big 'ol bag of sawdust and I intend to use it when smelting.
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    I use both, the sawdust is used during the rendering stage where i make ingots from scrap. The wax is always a final flux that the lead gets right before pouring.
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    I typically use sawdust. If you do much woodworking you'll always have enough. I usually keep an old coffee can full.

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