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    Reloaded .45 ACP marketability?

    When I had a 45 ACP Springfield Armory I reloaded 230 gr ball ammo for it. Iíve now sold the pistol but recently found approximately 300 rounds of reloads. I was giving some thought to listing the ammo for sale and then some questions came to mind. Would ammo reloaded by someone you donít know give cause for concern ? When I asked myself that question I had to admit I wouldnít be overly enthusiastic about buying reloaded ammo from a complete stranger, especially pistol ammo where 3-5 grains of powder is optimal.

    Should I pull the bullets and sell them separately? Perhaps then dump the powder and sell the primed cases ? Iím not looking to try to get maximum dollar, just figuring someone might want a pretty good bargain on some ammo/components. Asking for some suggestions about how to relocate this ammo.

    (The brass is mixed headstamp range brass that was tumbled. Primers were Winchester. I donít actually recall the bullet manufacturer. )

    Open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    I wouldn't feel comfortable using someone's handloads, except for my buddy or father-in-law. You could try selling them and whoever buys them can use them at their own risk (not saying there is an issue with your loading), or pull the bullets and dump the powder themselves to reuse the brass.

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    Ditto Sling10mmís post.
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    Your better off selling them as stated for components only otherwise in order to sell reloads you need a license from what ive read.
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    I bought reloads once when I started shooting and couldn't afford much. Never again. 2 Squibs in just as many magazines. They have been sitting in my closet for 4 years. Bought 1k. Stupid of me. I won't shoot then or give them to anyone.

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    My suggestion is to save them. Use them when you go to a shoot (like the INGO open house at Proteq) and need some ammo to use in others' guns.

    Otherwise, you are on track with selling them as "assembled components" for a couple bucks. "mystery ammo" from someone who for all they know could be a hack is a dangerous bet. (not implying you are a hack, just sayin)
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    The best thing to do is buy another .45 ACP pistol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JettaKnight View Post
    The best thing to do is buy another .45 ACP pistol.
    You beat me to the obvious!

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    I would be skeptical of other's reloads. That is, unless I knew them and their history fairly well.

    Knowing what the rounds were loaded on and their purpose could make a difference. IE, a well known weekly shooting sports shooter (with lots of score sheets to reference,) loading on a Dillon 650 will likely have any issues ironed out long ago.

    I bought other's and sold my reloads (for their components) based on this.

    The other side of this story is that 230gr ball and empty/primed 45ACP cases are expensive components to buy. Find the right single stack shooter and make the right deal, someone will buy them. Even with a bullet pulling hammer, 300 ain't that bad.

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