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    Local shops that have reloading supplies.

    It sure would be nice to have a list of stores that carry primers, powder, brass, and bullets. In my area the only one I know of is Madison Outdoor in Madison, IN. That's still a 66 mile round trip for me. I try to buy from local Hoosier shops to support them when I can.


    9-Guns in Anderson
    The Outpost in Brazil
    Bradis Guns in Camby
    Tomlinson's in Churubusco
    Kentuckiana Reloading in Clarksville
    AAR Firearms in Clayton
    Atterbury Shooting Complex in Edinburg
    Indiana Gun Club in Fishers
    Wrigley's Firearms in Fort Wayne
    Down by the tracks in Galveston
    Inlaws & Outlaws in Gas City
    Dave's Gun Shop in Holland
    Jeff's Bait and Guns in Jasper
    Four Guns in Lafayette
    Freedom Reloads and Arms in Linden
    Madison Outdoor in Madison
    McDonalds Gun in Marion
    Gen-X Tactical in Martinsville
    Indiana Gun Club in McCordsville
    Kempf Gun Shop in Michigan City
    Plainfield Shooting Supplies in Plainfield
    True Value in Plymouth
    Field's in Rushville
    Bite the Bullet in Seymour
    Bobcat Steel in Shelbyville
    Len's in South Bend
    Albertson's in Warsaw
    Trigger Finger Sporting Goods in Wolf Lake, IN
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    Field's in Rushville has a good selection of powder and primers.

    They have had some brass and Hornady bullets in the past, but I haven't looked for a few years.
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    Bobcat Steel in Shelbyville. Good shop, good people, and INGO advertisers.
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    Dave's Gun Shop in Holland. They have powder(have to ask the sales person), lots of Hornady, bullets, dies and more.

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    Four Guns in Lafayette has a good selection of powder's, primer's, Hornady bullets, dies & range brass

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    Tomlinson's, Churubusco, Powder, primers and some brass. Rifle bullets, some pistol, mostly hollowpoints or hunting projectiles . Some shotgun stuff.

    Wrigley's Firearms and Ammo, Fort Wayne, Mostly CCI Primers, Some powders; decent selection of common stuff, Haven't seen a lot of projectiles for awhile. A little brass. No shotgun stuff.

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    Gen-X Tactical in Martinsville had a very good selection of powder and dies the last time I was in, some shotgun stuff too.
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    Atterbury Shooting Complex in Edinburgh has reasonable prices on supplies.
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    Bite the Bullet in Seymour has most powders in stock. Winchester Primers and Bullets.
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    Indiana Gun Club in fishers/mccordsville has powder and primers galore. They are about the cheapest prices too. They donít stock bullets and brass unless that has changed

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