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Thread: New Online Ammo Dealer: Munitions Express

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    New Online Ammo Dealer: Munitions Express

    New online ammunition dealer--Munitions Express. More the merrrier.
    I told you to buy ammo, mags and lowers. Get on it.

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    They are going to have to carry a much wider variety than is currently on their site. Nothing I normally use is listed so I didn't even get to compare prices.

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    They're pricey in my opinion. Over $200+ shipping for 1k rounds of aguilla 9mm 115gr. Pass. 100 rounds WWB 9mm for $25? No thanks. 420 rounds of Xm855 for $160. Pass. That's just the 2 quick calibers I checked

    Edit: Was just on slickguns and they have Brownells offering 124gr Aguilla for $180 shipped per cased 1k
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    Brownells is currently having a sale on theirs.

    This is the end of a big chunk of what is left of your gun rights.

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