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Thread: Creedmoor question

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    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    .243 and some 55 gr Noslers?
    6mm creedmoor and 55gr Noslers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Broom_jm View Post
    You say you want flat as possible, but your first post was complaining about accuracy. If you're stuck with factory ammo, you rarely get to have the best of all worlds. Handloading is the real answer to your question.
    I'm getting everything to reload...

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    Creedmoor isnít ideal for coyotes unless itís in 6mm or (pending) 22 caliber format. The case is optimized for longer bullets in 6.5.

    Although Iíd bet a handloaded 90 TNT or V-max will be good enough you wonít miss the smaller bores.

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    I sent my upper off to be turned into a 6mm creedmoor.

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