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    Best Coated/Plated Bullets

    I know this is like 'what is your favorite pizza' thread.

    Long story short. Used to buy from Xtreme. Have been 'out of it' for about a year due to various things. Went in on Black Friday to buy from Xtreme on their normal awesome sale. Came to realize new ownership=adertised new lower prices which means 'new higher prices'. I would have bought at 10% off IF they had free shipping, but no. 13 bucks shipping and 10% off. Didn't seem good enough to buy when I don't really need them RIGHT NOW.

    So when I do need to order, would prefer to move to a new company and not have to re-tweak the 650 again after I make a move to a new projectile maker.

    What are my options for good plated or coated bullets in loosely the same price point as Xtreme? I have been shooting 124 RN is USPSA...

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    I use Berry's 124 gn plated round nose bullets. Atterbury Shooting Complex and Bobcat Steel often have them in stock and less expensive than ordering online.
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    I'm in the same boat. Haven't ordered in awhile. Used to only buy xtreme on black Friday. Bought enough to last at least a year.

    Logged on to buy this year and said nope! Not gonna happen with those prices. Same with my list of fishing supplies. They can sit on the stuff.

    I'm good for awhile anyway. No problems waiting.
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    Same here. 9mm, 124RN. I liked the 10% but not the shipping. I have a box of Extreme 124 FP set back to try but after that I need a deal. It seems that there are a couple of threads on here discussing this. Bayou, RMR, Blue, Indy something or other.....where o where have my plated bullets gone....where o where can they be....

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    I buy ACME coated bullets if i do buy coated, but they are just about as high as the rest. I usually buy RMR now days.
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    I use The Blue Bullets & Rocky Mountain Reloading.
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    Out of all the coated bullets I've tried, in 9mm and .38 Special, these are what my guns like the best....

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    I have used these for the past couple of years.
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    Sierra for premium. Berrys for plated. Acme for coated. B&k for cast. My own cast for special rounds.
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    I have been shooting coated bullets for a couple of years now, and recently started producing some of my own to sell.

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