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Thread: Online Bulk - No Tax?

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    Online Bulk - No Tax?

    Anyone have a good spot online that doesn't charge tax.

    TargetSport USA didn't, but they must have updated for 2020 and do now.

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    I donít know that Iíve seen any places now that donít. Of were always supposed to pay it.
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    I think there was a new law change that EVERYONE must charge sales tax, at least Indiana.
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    I think the law has adapted over the years. No e-commerce, then only if they did business in your state, certain states, now it may have finally evolved to all states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameramonkey View Post
    I think there was a new law change that EVERYONE must charge sales tax, at least Indiana.
    I think you might be right unfortunately

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    Unless they updated it, the need to collect tax is determined by if the company has sold over $100k or over 200 separate transactions in the previous year or the current year.

    Youíll find most big stores have passed that threshold and itís possible smaller ones are just collecting tax because itís easier than working through the rules.
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    Makes sense.

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    i placed an order with them in august 2019 and i was charged tax.

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