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Thread: 22 Plinkster has his own line of CCI ammo

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    22 Plinkster has his own line of CCI ammo

    Seems 22 Plinkster has his own line of CCI ammo now. The CCI Stangers. Technically these are just your CCI Stingers but because of his southern twang they come out with these. Also got a nice one of a kind Henry rifle to go along w iui th his new line of ammo.

    Pretty cool video though showing the difference in impact the Stinger produces over just a CCI standard velocity for those that dont already know

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    Please dear God...tell me he'll brand .22WMR also, and sweep those idiotic "Choot 'Em" boxes off the shelves...

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    I second that! "Choot 'Em"...ugh.

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    Yes, how dare an ammo company brand a line of their ammo after someone that puts the ammo to serious use, especially since .22 mag is so popular with the plinking/target shooting crowds.

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    I'm not sure comparing standard velocity ammo to hyper velocity is quite the fair test. Personally I'd prefer to see HV hollow point compared to. the 'Stangers', but that wouldn't have the same Wow factor most likely.

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    Ho hum; just marketing. I suppose he'll make some money from this. He is a good shot and produces pretty good videos, but it is interesting that internet stars get notoriety and deals, while some of the best shooters in the world, like olympic athletes and national champions go wanting.

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    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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